Members of the jury

Prof. dr. Erőss István (HU)

Hungarian artist István Erőss works at Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, as professor at the Visual Arts Institute. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1995 as a printmaker, but he also attended other institutions, such as the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and the University of Fine Arts in Marseille. He defended his DLA thesis about ”Nature Art” in 2009. He has taken numerous professional trips to remote countries: he has been to Africa five times and to Asia more than forty times as a guest artist, exhibitor, lecturer or curator of different artists’ camps and symposia. He is exhibitor and organiser of the series of international exchange exhibitions entitled SEGMENT, consisting of twice nine events held in Hungary and several Asian countries up to now. He works in different genres ranging from printmaking through installation to sculpture.

Sona Harutyunyan (AM)

Sona Harutyunyan studied Art history, Classical and Christian archaeology at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany. She worked at the Modern Art Museum in Yerevan, as the Advisor to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, and as the Head of the Department of Contemporary Art of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia. Sona Harutyunyan founded KulturDialog Armenien in Yerevan (Armenia) in 2012 which disseminates contemporary Armenian art in Armenia and abroad.

In 2017, in the frames of KulturDialog Armenien’s activity, for the first time in Armenia, Sona Harutyunyan initiated and implemented the First International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2017, the continuation of which was the Second International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2019.

Dr. Alice Andreea Iliescu (RO)

At present doctor associate professor at the Graphic Art Department of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, România Alice Andreea Iliescu teaches Engraving Techniques in the framework of the Bachelor Program Comic Strips and in the framework of the Master Program Comic Strips and Cartoon Arts.

She graduated the Bachelor, Master and Doctor degrees at the same university, then in France, Paris she graduated the second Master specialization ”Comic strips, text, image” at École européenne supérieure de l’image (ÉESI), Angoulême. She participated at the curatorial training programmes courses in the framework of the International Museology Seminar, Musee et territoire, Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France.
Since 2007, beside her individual exhibitions she has been participating at several national and international group exhibitions, at conferences, symposia, workshops, study and teaching trips, art reviews, which have been representing lucky occasions of professional and cultural improvement. Since 2010 she has been preoccupied permanently and consistently with the research in her speciality field.

Vécsi Nagy Zoltán (RO/HU)

Born in 1956, Vécsi Nagy Zoltán is an art historian, director of the Transylvanian Art Centre (EMŰK) in Sfântu Gheorghe.

He is specialized on Hungarian art in Romania (Transylvania) of the period between 1945 and 1989. He is author of several professional books, monographies, catalogues, lexicon articles and entries respectively of art essays. He is organizer of the exhibitions entitled ”Midpoint – Hungarian Art of Transylvania between 1965 and 1975” and ”Sociorelative – Hungarian Art of Transylvania between 1945 and 1965”, he is also curator of several monographic and group exhibitions.

He is director of the basic exhibitions of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.

Ferencz S. Apor (RO/HU)

Apor Ferencz S. is a visual artist, born in 1975, he graduated the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2001. He is member of several professional organisations such as the Romanian Artists` Union (UAP), the Caffart Fine Art Association in Budapest and the MAMŰ Art Society (HU). He is also founder and editor of the online visual art forum ”Fórumtizenöt” [Forum fifteen] and active organizer of many local exhibitions and professional events. From 2017 he is the curator of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.

In his works he mainly deals with the problems of his personal existence and the social issues of his environment. Sometimes he redefines his works creating collages and installations of his personal objects and family photos. Found and rebuilt objects have an important role and he often integrates some elements of the material culture of his ”province” into his art.

Kónya Ábel (HU)

Ábel Kónya is an artist, curator, graphic designer, born in 1975 in Debrecen. From 1994 to 1997 he was a drum teacher at the Rockschool in Debrecen, drummer of the band Garbo, then from 1998 to 2003 he studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, between 2003–2005 he took part in an internship at the Batuz Foundation in Germany. In 2005 he graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow with a degree in intermedia. Since 2006 he has been member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE, graphics department) and of the Ajtósi Dürer Association of Graphic Artists.

In the period of 2006–2016 he was an art teacher at the Medgyessy Ferenc High School and Art High School in Debrecen, since 2013 he has become territorial elected member of MAOE. Between 2016–2018 he was leading curator of MODEM, deputy director of Déri Museum – MODEM. Since 2019 as deputy director of the Herman Ottó Museum, he has been leading the partner institution Miskolc Gallery.

Dr. Marcin Białas (PL)

Marcin Białas was born in 1977 in Zawiercie (Poland). He studied in the Faculty of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. His diploma was obtained in the Intaglio Printing Studio of Professor Jan Szmatloch in 2004 and he was awarded a medal. After graduation he joined the academic staff of the faculty. In 2011 he was granted the title of Doctor of Arts and in 2019 associate professor (dr. hab.) His main interests are graphic arts (intaglio technique) and drawing. Since 2003 he has been participating actively in reviews and festivals of graphics in Poland and abroad.

He had several solo exhibitions (Poland, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Belarus) and participated in over two hundred group exhibitions, including in Poland and France, Denmark, Hungary, India, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, Turkey, Egipt, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, China, Japan, Thailand, USA, Korea, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Spain, etc.

The selected works for the biennial / 2020

During the application period of ten weeks around 2100 creations were submitted from 868 artists of 65 countries. The jury selected 301 art works into the core material of the biennial, which we publish here in the following list.

IMPORTANT! Considering the globally spread COVID 19 – corona virus epidemy we had to modifiy the organisation of the 2020 biennial.

Please DO NOT SEND IN the selected art works! In the following we will inform you via email about the novelties.

Thank you for your understanding!

Nr. Name  Title of the artwork Country
1 Adaír García 19.468878,-99.004298 Mexico
2   19.458394,-99.034909  
3 Adam Czeh Heroon Grove Poland
4 Adorjáni Márta EGY ÉV ÚJRASZERKESZTVE Romania
6 Adrian Schichta “Mach dir keine Sorgen, es geht uns gut” V Poland
7 Agata Gertchen Motherhood_16 Poland
8 Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka Lost and found Poland
9 Albert Levente Tökéletlen lények3. Romania
10 Alberto Balletti Hiccup Italy
11 Aleksandra Supinska Powisle Spain
12 Aleksandra Prusinowska Dreamer 1 Poland
13 Aleksandra Łysiak tetelestai Poland
14 Alexander Lazarkov Purification 3 Bulgaria
15 Amadeusz Popek Blizzard I Poland
16 Amira Tame Mapa a la quietud/ Map to quietness Mexico
17 Amiya Ranjan Ojha Day dream India
18 Amnat Kongwaree The State of Mind Thailand
19 Ana Vivoda Traces 3 Croatia
20 Ana Maria Delalle No name – mixed-technique-50-x70-cm-2019 Croatia
21 Anabela Sladek Frozen Fields of the Future #1-FB Slovakia
22 Andreas Panayi In a gentle way, you can shake the world! Cyprus
23 Andreea Hoha Tehnicalități Romania
24 Andrzej Wochnik colour space I Poland
25 Angyal Olívia Vágy Romania
28 Antal István Nine men’s morris Austria
29 Aphisit Sangthong What happened with the world? II Thailand
30 Arnon Sungvondee Stupa Thailand
31 Artur Masternak Difference and repetition Poland
32 Bălan Maria The Mimetic Tree Romania
33 Barti Magdolna Történetek VI. Hungary
34 Benjamin Vasserman Adaptation III Estonia
35 Bhagaban Sahu Personal justification India
36 Bodor Anikó Maros(p)-art 1 Hungary
37 Boros Mátyás Tájkép 2. Hungary
38 Budai Lotte Versillusztráció Hungary
39 Carlos Ivan Torres Ornelas El Iluminado Mexico
40 Cecilia Hurtado Disarming Dictatorships II Mexico
41   Disarming Dictatorships III  
42 Chakrit Lapaudomloet Zero Gravity Thailand
43 Chanchai Laorattanaruengchai Space of Imagine from Memories No.2 Thailand
44 Chawit Srisawad when  I  was  young  No.1 Thailand
45 Cleo Wilkinson Vestiges Australia
46 Colin Gillespie ‘Confusion’ United Kingdom
47 Csízy László Zoltán Térlátás Hungary
48 Csontó Lajos Három pápa, 1 (sorozat, nem bontható) Hungary
49   Három pápa, 2 (sorozat, nem bontható)  
50   Három pápa, 3 (sorozat, nem bontható)  
51 Cui Xiaohua Hi Beauty I! China
52 Damian Idzikowski District 01 Poland
53 Daniela Roman déja prete elle se cache le coeur battant France
54 Danilo Roberto Perillo a paleta presente (the present palette) Brasil
55 Daradics Árpád Szarvaslesen + Art, vagy lövök sorozatból. Hungary
56 Darya Hancharova Selves 1 Poland
57 David Israel Cuevas Castro Episodio 3 de una construcción interior-imagen-2 Mexico
58 Deák Barna Danger Romania
59 Deborah Chapman Rendez-vouz dans la nuit Canada
60 Dimény András Oldódó geometria / Dissolving geometry – 2 Romania
61 Dinara Hörtnagl «Free Bullterrier» Austria
62 Đorđe Ćorić The Trace of Life 3 (57) Serbia
63 Dorota Ziolkowska Unmoved Mover_serie III_v02 Mexico
64 Dorota Bujak cycle “Mythology of the People of Siberia 02” Poland
65 Dr. Nityananda Gaine Existence-2 Bangladesh
66 Drăgan-Chirilă Diána Főtér Romania
67 Ekaterina Kovzus The conflict Belarus
68 Elian Stolarsky women from Civil War Spain
69   Trains (dyptich part 1)  
70   Trains (dyptich part 1)  
71 Elif Anbarpinar Garden Turkey
72 Elsa Ohana Jeter un oeil #1 France
73 Ewelina Kolakowska 130218 Poland
74 Fazakas Barna Dreamscape Romania
75 Felsmann Tamás H.S.T. Hora Sine Tempore No.1 /Idő nélküli esemény Hungary
76 Francesca Marcolin Walking the Great Garbage Patch Italy
77 Frédéric Wieme crying shame Belgium
78 Frimmel Gyula Isten áldja Albín Brunovsky! Hungary
79 Fukui Yusuke Idő-szakadás Hungary
80 Fulop Eduard A magical place where 99% of memories happen. 2 Romania
81 Fülöp Mária Szubliminális üzenet 2 / Subliminal message 1 Romania
82 Gábor Éva Mária Entrópia a pokolban 1. Hungary
83 Gabriela Ochalik Scars I Poland
84 Gagyi Judit Eszter Siet a késés 3 Romania
85 Gema Climent Camacho bamboo forest with red fence Spain
86 Georg Bothe Carbona not Glue XXXIX (e.a. II/VI) Germany
87 Kárpáti Gergely  Cím nélkül IX. Hungary
88 Giacomo Miracola soldier of hope 2 Italy
89 Guanchu Zhu Chinese Sign Language Symbol Conversion-cloud ? China
90 Gustavo Garcia Murrieta “Barullo” (jungle hubbub) diptych 2:2 Mexico
91 Hamidreza Norouzi dark window Iran
92   windows  
93 Hamidteza Bashiri Untitle Iran
94   Untitle  
95 Haruhiko Yoshinaga Arches / T.O.20-03 Japan
96 Havadi Nagy Dávid István Kelet Európa Romania
97 Henryk Krolikowski Miss Alice Poland
98 Herendi Péter Föld-rajz No.2 Hungary
99 Herma Deenen No Title Nederland
100 Horváth Kinga Összekötő XII. Hungary
101 Hyejeong Kwon Never ending story Korea
102 Horvath Bugnariu Ioan Tati, unde fuge pădurea? Romania
103 Ioannis Anastasiou XXIc Trichotomy IV Greece
104 Irena Lawruszko Korozia and Patina I Poland
105 Irina Gonzales Clavado III Peru
106 Ivácson Bella-Rebekka ALTERATION no5 Hungary
107 Izabela Stenka Roman Two Poland
108 Jacek Joostberens MCO_cha_4D013 Poland
109 Jacek Machowski Zen garden 1 Poland
110 Jaco Putker The Boy in the Rocket b Nederland
111 Jadsada Potisit COWCOW Thailand
112 Jaeger Tibor Kép-zet 4 Sweden
113 Jaka Bonča G6-1 Slovenia
114 Jason Reittom Deus Ex Machina Act 2 France
115 Jayne Reid Jackson #Red-Eye USA
116 Joanna Paljocha “Widowisko” (Spectacle) Poland
117 Jónás Péter Műtermi (Füredi út) Hungary
118   Magasság és átmérő (40+)  
119 Jonathan McFadden I keep my hands behind my back when I look at art USA
120 Judyta Bernaś Oneness_11_blue Poland
121 Jukka Vänttinen The Ladder Sweden
122 Julia Miąso Stonehenge Poland
123 Kacper Bozek The Ministry Poland
124 Kamil Zaleski Cwiczenia 36 Poland
125 Kamila Bednarska motion (grey) Poland
126 Kana Veradacha Atmosphere+Stracture Thailand
127 Kántor József Közeledik Hungary
128 Katarzyna Winczek Mappa XV/2 Poland
129 Kemal Yildiz Archival Documents-1 Turkey
130 Kéri László Éhség Hungary
131 Kitipong Ngowsiri A Matter of Waiting Time No. 5 Thailand
132   A Matter of Waiting Time No. 10  
133 Kónya Kincső Énkép III. Hungary
134 Kovács Zsigmond Blueprint Romania
135 Krizbai Gergely NapiSzörny no.225 Hungary
136 Krizsanyik István Composition 2 Hungary
137 Kuljirat Chaiphet On the beach 10 Thailand
138   On the beach 9  
139 KyeongAh Min Pinocchio Rhapsody Korea
140 László Hajnalka SELF-CARE Romania
141 Lehoczki Liza Az otthon varázsa IV. Hungary
142 Leonte Gabirella Rutin Romania
143 Léstyán Csaba Apollo Romania
144 Linda Whitney Traditional Dancer – Grand Entry  (mezzotint) USA
145 LIU Fu Lost Paradise series VI China
146   Lost Paradise series VII  
147 Lobler Ferenc REM I. Hungary
148 Lucaciu Adriana Imperfect Symmetry Romania
149 Łukasz Koniuszy Central Structure Poland
150 Maciej Zdanowicz Aljazeera: Messages from Syria Poland
151 Magda Szplit Corvidae Poland
152 Magdalena Stachowiak Fragile Poland
153 Magdalena Banaś Massif I Poland
154 Magdalena Uchman Empty Poland
155 Maja Dudek Door Poland
156 Malgorzata Chomicz Fossil Poland
157 Manuel Ruelas (Fases) codex USA
158 Marcela Gawęda Defect 2 Poland
159 Marcelina Cytryna inside Poland
160 Marcin Hajewski Induction I Poland
161 Marco Poma Spiraglio Italy
162 Marek Zajko Man bit dog 1 / version 2 Poland
163 Maria Doering Nostalgic, State II Canada
164 Marija Marcelionyte-Paliuke Dusseldorf Art Academy Altars 1 Lithuania
165 Marina Stakhieva “Lying” Russia
166   “Happy new year!”  
167 Marisol Rojas Camp & Queer Graphic Essay 2 Mexico
168 Marius Martinescu Prise de connaissance de termes et condition France
169 Mariusz Dański Danski_From the series I sowed white grain – altar Poland
170 Marta Pogorzelec Void II Poland
171 Masaaki Sugita The Angel with the Key of the Bottomless Japan
172 Mayer Éva Főbűnök I. Hungary
173 Metasit Bunaikbuth Medieval beliefs lll. Thailand
174 Mettrai Pongchomporn Our order NO.3 Thailand
175   Our order NO.5  
176   We’re different NO.02  
177 Michael Wagner Red Aquarius Germany
178 Micko Mice Jankulovski FORMS of VENICE IV-C Macedonia
179   FORMS of VENICE V-C  
180 Mirjana Preradović Ground floor Bosnia and Herzegovina
181 Miroslaw Pawlowski Camouflage – 4blue Poland
182 Monika Pałka Separate Worlds Poland
183 Mr. Jakkrawut Phoinok the community Thailand
184 Nagy Annamária Noktürn I. (Nocturne I.) Romania
185 Nagy Lajos Nem, csak a kép fut megint!_00 Hungary
186 Nagy Zsófia Copy Right Hungary
187 Nanako Yoshikawa The last day Japan
188 Natalia Kwiatkowska The Gathering Poland
189 Natalia Pawlus don’t hesitate to ask Poland
190 Nathan Meltz Watership Down USA
191 Nenad Zeljić Boxes Serbia
192 Nikola Kašterović They don’t want us to know Bosnia and Herzegovina
193 Nikola Radosavljević Promises Serbia
194 Nuttakarn Vajasut Capricious Thailand
195 Nuttawut Kaiwansin Hael no.2 Thailand
196 Olesya Dzhurayeva Spring day in Berlin Ukraine
197   Nordic light. Stockholm  
198 Oliver Pilić Followed by Slovenia
199 Orbán Zsófia Egy héttel később Hungary
200 Orosz Csaba Out of The House 2. Hungary
201   Out of The House 4.  
202 Ország László Homokzsákok02 Hungary
203 Ourania Fragkoulidou Patriotland/Orthodoxy Greece
204 Ovidiu Tarța …la Șuncuiuș Romania
205 Özgür Uguz NEST IV Turkey
206 Pablo Querea Gutierrez ashamed to be Mexico
207 Pakanan Kongchaiyaphum passionate Thailand
208 Paola Villa Around the corner Mexico
209 Paolo Schiavon ‘a-mare’   (‘loving’ and ‘into the sea’) Italy
210 Patipon Supanpong Things and Teaces in Memory 5 Thailand
211 Patryk Gmerek Fleeting Memories I Poland
212 Paulina Bobak Anthropological forms3 Poland
213 Paweł Bińczycki Lighthouse Poland
214 Paweł Delekta Chess II Poland
216 Peter Kocak Homage to H. Bosch Slovakia
217 Péter Ágnes Ball Hungary
218 Péter Alpár Togetherness Romania
219 Pető Hunor Organikus építészet // Organic architecture Hungary
220 Pimpaporn Changtobtang She’s a sacrifice. Thailand
221 Piotr Żaczek Arche XXXIX Poland
222 Pipit Inyeaw Lucius Thailand
223 Pitawat Sirisombut Melody of nostalgia 7_thesis_๒๐๐๓๑๑_0004 Thailand
224 Pontakorn Nunsai Untitled – IMG_0689 Thailand
225 Pop Adriana Mihaela vertikal Romania
226 Rabinarayan Gupta Temptation of the Devil India
227 Rahul Dhiman UNTITLED-II India
228 Rama Chandra Majhi Village Paradise – 1.-Art-Work-1-final India
229 Rattana Sudjarit The way of Harvester No 2 Thailand
230   The way of Harvester No 2  
231 Renata Maria Gogol Have Fun Poland
232 Ritli Róbert Roland Háború 3 Romania
233 Rizal Pramana Embrace#6 Indonesia
234 Robert Jancovic jr. Lithographic stone, area or space Slovakia
235 Roxana Bloju 6_20_8_11_19_24 (I) Romania
236   6_20_8_11_19_24 (III)  
237 Ryan Farley Running Through the Mind USA
238 Salvatore Lovaglio RIFLESSIONI N. 2 Italy
239 Sanja Žigić 02. From series of artworks Barriers Serbia
240 Sarita Rauta Queen is Queen_New-Doc-2020-03-19-16_00_33_1 India
241 Satayu Nilkosit Find Thailand
242 Sebastian Laszczyk Triplicata II Poland
243 Semih Çinar Factory And Shade XVII Turkey
244 Serena Pagnini Il banchetto II Italy
245 Sinka Péter Fosszília I. Hungary
246 Sjoerd Tegelaers Cold war Nederland
247 Sławomir Plewko Immersion of Space (Rudimentary Comment A) Poland
248 Sorrathun Ouikhum Force Within no.2 Thailand
249 Sóváradi Valéria FÉNYINFO Hungary
250 Stanislaw Cholewa machine 31 Poland
251 Stark István Érfestés II.51 Hungary
252 Stas Shakarvis I’m not here! Russia
253 Stefania Anastasia Patrikiou Untitled Greece
254 Subhas Chandra Nath Gravestone ll India
255 Supattanawadee Muanta Gender Bending NO.2 Thailand
256   Gender Bending NO.6  
257 Supicha Sutanthavibul Insane Instinct 6 Thailand
258   Insane Instinct 8  
259 Suzana Fântânariu Manuscris III Romania
260 Szabó Andrea About me I. Hungary
261 Szabó Kristóf – KristofLab Wrong Data N03 Hungary
262 Szabó Ábel Valahol Közép Európában Hungary
263 Szabó Anna Ítéletlogika II. Hungary
264 Szén András Bunyó/Fight/Bătaie Romania
265 Szepessy Béla Till1 Hungary
266 Szilágyi Rudolf Classical rehabilitation I. Hungary
267   Classical rehabilitation II.  
268 Szőke Erika Üstökössé válás III., Kirlian-fotó/elektrográfia Slovakia
269 Teerawoot COM-ON Love Forever No.2 Thailand
270 Thanaporn Anyamaneecharoen My Monalisa Thailand
271 the OGROCADAVER The Cheater Poland
272 Thiyawadee Jantawong Tie Life No.4 Thailand
273 Tina Wohlfarth OPHELIA I/7 Germany
274 Tolnay Imre Melancholy 5 – The apse Hungary
275 Tomasz Winiarski Perpetuum mobile: CII Poland
276   Perpetuum mobile: CIV  
277 Tomasz Chudzik Subiective spaces XIII Poland
278 Toró József Üzenet I Hungary
279 Török Tihamér Crossword Romania
280   Connection  
281 Trentin Marco turnover of stage war Italy
282 Tukuna Dakua Black beauty India
283 Urbán Tamara Eszter „A Nagyapám” Hungary
284 Ushnish Mukhopadhyay Autopsy Study 4 (Self) India
285 Végvári Beatrix Mielőtt elévül Hungary
286 Vinicius Libardoni Derelict Poland
287 Wanchai Narongchai Identity No.1 Thailand
288 Warranutchai Kajaree remain the painfuling 2 Thailand
289   remain the painfuling 4  
290 Watanai Magate Fiend. Thailand
291 Wei Yuhang Season of mediocrity  III China
292 Wieslaw Haladaj Checkmate! Poland
293 Windi Delta Dharma Indonesia
294 Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz Safe Passage Poland
295 Xie Chong Strive China
296 Yutt Puektasajatam Overlapping 8 Thailand
297 Z. Erdei Anna Flashmob Hungary
298 Zeman-Juhász Éva Kapcsolat I. Hungary
299 Zenon Burdy Lake20a Canada
300 Zoran Mishe Totem -unbreakable spirit  II Bulgaria
301 Zuzanna Marczak “She liked the wafer so much…” Poland

The professional interest towards the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland is unchanged

The professional interest towards the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland is undiminished this year, too. This is also confirmed by the fact, that compared to the 58 countries of last year,  this year graphic artists from 65 countries submitted their works to the contest.  Similar to the previous editions of the Biennial, the Hungarian, Polish and Romanian presence is still the most pronounced, but this year some oriental countries are represented much stronger, too, among them Thailand, India, China or Japan.   During the submission period of ten weeks we received around 2100 art works from 868 artists.

The deadline of  application for the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland was the midnight of March 23,  after that the first stage of jurying took place in the period of March 29-31. The jury of the G6 is made up of internationally recognized art historians like: dr. Alice Andreea Iliescu graphic artist – lecturer at University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania, Prof. dr. István Erőss graphic artist – professor at Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, Hungary, Sona Harutyunyan art historian – founding president of KulturDialog Armenien / founder and managing director of International Print Biennale Yerevan, Armenia, dr. Marcin Bialas graphic artist – associate professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, Zoltán Vécsi Nagy art historian – director of Transylvanian Art Center, Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania, Ábel Kónya visual artist – director of the Gallery of Miskolc, curator of the Miskolc Graphic Art Triennial, Hungary and Apor Ferencz S. visual artist – curator of the biennial G6, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania.

Taking into account the epidemic situation, the jury members selected online the basic material of the Biennial made up of 300 art works on basis of exclusively professional criteria and on basis of the formal criteria of the call for application.

Soon we’ll publish the list of the selected works on the website of the Biennial.

The G6’s deadline has been extended

The professional artists and the art university students have 3 more days to participate in the 5th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland. The organizers are waiting for the digital reproduction of the artworks by (Monday) March 23, midnight (UTC+2) instead of March 20.

The registration form and further information related to application is available at the following link:

Call For Application, 2020

The 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland, Sfântu Gheorghe, 2020

The Covasna, Harghita and Mureş County Councils, together with the Cultural Center of Covasna County, the Lăzarea Cultural and Creation Center and the Mureș County Museum, announce the application for the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.


The Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland celebrates its 10th anniversary in the year 2020. The exhibitions presented so far within the framework of this international contest, as well as the professional quality and the quantity of the submitted artworks have confirmed, that the development of graphic techniques respectively the development of different visual representation forms manifesting themselves through these, is continuous. The biennial to be organized for the 6th time now is an excellent occasion for the organizers as well to sum up the experiences of the past decade in order to use them successfully by the organisation of the next event of this kind.

The 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland aims to present those professional tendencies, which are characterized by experimentation, the crossing of boundaries,  the reinterpretation of standards or the breaking down of former hierarchies.  The G6 is looking forward for answers from artists of different nationalities, belonging to various cultures, being eager to find out their attitude towards the issues of their own environment and of the whole world manifested through the language of contemporary graphic art. What kind of answers do they give to questions concerning globalization, politics, economy or other social issues? How do they represent the problems of their immediate environment or their individual life through their art, how do they consider possible to represent through the language of contemporary graphic art tradition and complete revival alike?

G6 awaits those art works as well, which are not primarily concerned about the definition of the ideal of beauty but they rather look for its problematization. Therefore the organizers propose that the key words of the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland should be enclosed in the title „The Structure of Chaos”. Chaos means in this context the insecurity of predictability and order bears the sense of exact geometric structure or previsibility, respectively there are also implied here the eventual sociological, political, cultural, ecological and economical aspects of these ideas.

In the spirit of the ideas above, the organizers of the biennial expect the submission of printed graphics created with the following procedures:
– graphic artworks created with traditional procedures of graphic art;
– graphic artworks created with digital methods of image creation and printed with digital devices;
– graphic artworks prepared with digital methods of image creation but printed with traditional methods.

Terms and Conditions of Participation in the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland

The terms and conditions of the biennial have partly changed! Please read the terms and conditions of participation attentively!

Professional artists and art university students may participate in the biennial if their application is in conformity with the Terms and Conditions included in the Call for Application.
Associations, professional organizations and other groups cannot apply. The artists can apply to the biennial only personally.

– The topic of the artworks can be freely chosen.
– The paper size of the artworks must be minimum 30×30 cm, and maximum 100×100 cm.
– The submitted graphic artwork has been created in the past two years.
– All artworks created with printed graphics procedures are accepted, included in the definition of graphics in terms of high, low and plain print methods (woodcut and linocut, aquaforte, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, screen printing, individual print, C-print, offset, electrographics, etc.).
– Every artist may participate with maximum 3 artworks. Every submitted artwork counts as 1 artwork. The elements of a series count as separate artworks; thus, a three-element series counts as three artworks.
– Artworks created in pencil, pastel, coal, ink and other individual, that is not multiplication procedures as well as photos printed without any image manipulation or reproductions of artworks (paintings, sculptures, installations, performances, etc.) are not accepted.

Submission is only possible on the following website, via the online entry form: Entry form 2020

The digital reproductions of the artworks can be uploaded online, via the entry form, together with the required data.
Parameters of digital reproductions:
– the file size of the digital image may not exceed 15 MB;
– the digital images can be uploaded in uncompressed jpg, jpge or png format, 300 dpi resolution;
– the longer size must be minimum 2500 pixels.

If the uploading was successful, the system will send a confirmation message to the e-mail address specified in the filled-in entry form. If you might have problems with online registration, please contact the organizers on the following e-mail:

The deadline of submitting the digital reproductions is March 20, 2020, midnight, 12:00 (UTC+2).

Important! With submission the applicants assume that, if their submitted works are selected by the jury, they will send the original artworks by post or will submit them to the biennial in person.  The organizers do not assume the printing of the artworks or the refunding of printing costs!

Important! For the phase of preselection please don’t send the original artworks by post! If this is the case, we are unable to send back the original artworks.

There is no entry fee for the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.

The members of the jury are internationally acknowledged art historians and artists.
The evaluation will take place in two phases: preselection and the selection of the awarded artworks.
The decisions of the jury cannot be overridden.

5/a Preselection
The preselection will take place based on the digital reproductions of the artworks to be submitted.
The jury will select the artworks that qualify for the second phase; these artworks will be included in the catalogue of the biennial.
All participants will be informed on the results of preselection via e-mail.

5/b Sending the artworks qualifying for the second phase by post
The original artworks must be sent by post or submitted to the biennial in person.
Please attach to the submitted artworks the printed entry form received via e-mail during online registration in the first phase. The artworks must be numbered and signed in accordance with the international graphics standards.
Original graphic artworks must be submitted without their frames or mat boards, in portfolios or carton reels.

Postal / shipping address:
Centrul de Cultură al Judeţului Covasna
RO-520008 Sfântu Gheorghe, Str. Libertății nr. 2
Jud. Covasna

Please indicate on the postal package:
The 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland
For cultural purpose only, no commercial value!

The deadline for sending the original artworks by post (postmark date) or submitting them in person is May 10, 2020.
Artworks sent after the deadline will be automatically excluded
We do not assume any responsibility and cannot compensate for possible damages that might occur during transport.

5/c Prizes
– Main Prize of the Biennial: 2000 Euro
– Nagy Imre Prize: 1000 Euro
– Plugor Sándor Prize: 1000 Euro
– Nagy Pál Prize: 1000 Euro

The artworks selected for the second phase will be exhibited in the course of the biennial depending on the exhibition surface and the ranking of the jury.
Venue: Transylvanian Art Center, Sfântu Gheorghe.
Official opening of the biennial: Friday, October 9, 2020, 5 PM
The authors of the artworks will be informed on the decision of the jury and the details of the opening ceremony by post, phone or via e-mail.

– The awarded artworks will remain in the property of the Transylvanian Art Center.                              
Each artist may donate his work, extending in this way the graphic collection of the Transylvanian Art Centre. You can express this intention by the completion of the application form.
– After the exhibitions of the Biennial the exhibited artworks will be sent back to their authors by post within one year. The donated works constitute an exception here.
– The selected artworks will be included in the biennial’s catalogue.
– The organizers of the biennial reserve the right to organize the exhibitions.

Submission implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation in the biennial!

Download the call for application: .pdf

One day left!

There is one day left until the submission deadline. We are expecting your applications to the Graphics Review, the 3rd Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland until tomorrow, 25 November 2014, 12 p.m., to one of the following e-mail addresses: or

Please, don’t forget to attach to the reproductions the data of your artworks and the entry form.

One more week

You have one more week to apply to the  Graphics Review, the 3rd Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland. Deadline for sending the digital reproductions of your work is 25 November 2014, 12 p.m. The entry form and other important information about the biennial can be found on the website of the event:

We are waiting for your application!